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Lu Chen


China in the Worldwide Eradication of Smallpox, 1949-1980: Recovering and Democratizing Histories of International Health

Supervisor: Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya


My primary research interests are international and global health programmes; medicine, health and environment in China since 20th Century. Funded by the Wellcome Trust, my PhD project examines how smallpox eradication was conceived, planned and delivered in China, and what international, regional, national and local political negotiations made success possible. I am seeking to study the engagements between the Chinese central government, World Health Organisation Head Quarter (WHO HQ) and WHO Western Pacific Region Office (WPRO), national aid agencies from overseas, and select Chinese municipal and provincial governments to develop a detailed, complex assessment of the conceptualisation, planning and delivery of smallpox eradication in China.

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Ms Lu Chen
PhD student
Department of History
University of York
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