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Frances Long



Children's Sleep in England, c-1650-1830

Supervisor: Dr Mark Jenner



My research focusses on children’s sleep in the long eighteenth century. Children need much more sleep than adults, and the pattern in which they take their rest only gradually adjusts to the rhythm of conventional adult waking and sleeping. I aim to understand how these differences were explained in early modern thought; how those responsible for child care managed children’s sleep cycles, and what effect this management had on daily experience for both adults and children.

Funded by WRoCAH and AHRC, the project brings together work on the histories of sleep, emotion, medicine, childhood, and the family, using a mixture of published and unpublished sources, as well as material and cultural evidence.

My other research interests include the history of Italian opera on the English stage in the eighteenth century, as well as the histories of medicine and the body.

Papers and publications


  • Conference, June 2018, 'Sentimental Sleeping: Tracing the "inward fits", 1767-84' - University of York

External activities

External activities

Chair, WRoCAH postgraduate conference committee, 2018

Collaborator on Grand Tour: The Board Game for York Festival of Ideas Family Fringe Afternoon, June 2018

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