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Cheng Li


Jeremy Bentham and his lawyer friends in changing public attitude towards law reform, 1807-1832

Supervisor: Professor Miles Taylor


I am working on legal and political history in the nineteenth-century Britain. Individual law reformers, journalism on law issues, law education, parliamentary politics and lawyer community are my main interests.

Conference papers

  • Li, Cheng. 'Samuel Romilly's role in Jeremy Bentham's career', Identity and History in Annual Lund-York-Bielefeld PhD Conference, University of York, 13th June 2018.
  • Li, Cheng. ‘Education, Emotion and Rethinking Utilitarianism: Young Mill and the London Debating Society,’ the Proceeding of 12th Peking University History Study Forum, 2017, 268-90.
  • Li, Cheng. ‘The Salt Merchant Jiang Chun and Salt administration system in 18th Century China,’ the Proceeding of 11th Peking University History Study Forum, 2016, 218-39.
  • Li, Cheng. ‘The Evolution of Images of Athenian Democracy in the writings of 19th-Century British Historians,’ the Proceeding of 10th Peking University History Study Forum, 2016, 311-35.

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Mr Cheng Li
PhD student
Department of History
University of York
YO10 5DD