Our research students

NameThesis titleSupervisor
Anna Adima The influence of urbanisation and globalisation on literary, artistic and knowledge production by women in 1960s urban East Africa (provisional) Dr. Gerard McCann
Jessica Ayres Women in London’s Court of Orphans, 1660-1720 Natasha Glaisyer
Kirstin Barnard Negotiating Social Boundaries: the Construction of Neighbourliness and Sociability in Late Medieval England Jeremy Goldberg
Harriet Beadnell Veterans of the People's War: The Representation, Identity and Role of Second World War Veterans in Britain since 1945 Geoff Cubitt
Claire Benson Boundaries of Belonging in Early Modern London Mark Jenner
Sarah Betts Memories of English Civil War on royalism Geoff Cubitt
Jane Campbell Utopian dreams, colonial realities: changing visions of society and culture in early modern utopian literature, New World colonial projects and settlements, 1516 – 1717 David Wootton and Sophie Weeks
Arnab Chakraborty Medical Transformation in Madras Presidency: Military and Civilian Perspectives (1880-1935) Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Lu Chen China in the Worldwide Eradication of Smallpox, 1949-1980: Recovering and Democratizing Histories of International Health Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Aidan Collins Bankruptcy in the Court of Chancery, 1674-1750 Natasha Glaisyer
Amy Creighton Labouring Bodies: Women, Work and Skill in Yorkshire, 1650-1750 Mark Jenner
Lauren Dale Pur honur de femmes: Examining the correlation between the Honour of Women and Masculinity in late Medieval England Jeremy Goldberg
Devin Dattan

Representations of Empire in the Works of the Professional Adventurer, 1880-1914

Geoff Cubitt
Yiyun Ding Yang Yinyu, 1884-1938: China's First Female University President and the Educational Reforms in Her Era Jon Howlett
Suranga Dolamulla Middle income Country Solutions for a global AMR problem: Innovative health financing and the regulation of "essential antibiotics" in Sri Lanka Sanjoy Bhattacharya and Tim Doran
Carolyn Dougherty The carrying trade and the first mainline railways in England Natasha Glaisyer
Sky Duthie The ‘Roots’ of Reform: Vegetarianism and the British Left, c.1790-1900 Helen Cowie
Thomas Flowers The Reform of Christian Doctrine in the Catechisms of Peter Canisius  Simon Ditchfield
Jennie England The Crown-wearing Abbeys across the "Anarchy": Westminster, Winchester and Gloucester 1120-1170 Sethina Watson
Reza Fadeli Religion and Decolonisation In Southeast Asia (Provisional) Tara Alberts
Huw Foden Material Sanctity and the Eucharist in Carolingian Theology and Experience Mary Garrison
Anthony Ford A paradigmatic case study of decision-making processes on British Railways: The Pullman Car Company contribution to innovation, branding and design c. 1908-1963 Teresa Da Silva Lopes
Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Women’s Activism and Feminisms: Chile and Britain from a transnational perspective (1970- 1990) Lawrence Black
Catherine-Rose Hailstone Gregory of Tours: A World Torn Between Two Fears Guy Halsall
Rachael Hardstaff The culture and religion of the aristocracy in thirteenth-century Languedoc

Pete Biller and Lucy Sackville

Sarah Hartley Maternal and Child Health in Fiji 1945-1970: A Pawn in Decolonisation Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Sarah Hinds Objects, Space, and the Household in Late Medieval Probate Inventories Dr Jeremy Goldberg
Victoria Hoyle States of Engagement: archives, community and values in the heritage city Sarah Rees Jones
Bethany Hume The Idea of Medieval Heresy in Early Modern France Stuart Carroll and Pete Biller
Hannah Jeans Women's Reading Habits and Genered Genres, c.1600-1700 Mark Jenner
Sarah Jensen Memory, Emotions and Commemoration in England, 1660-1770 Mark Jenner
Daniel Johnson Representations of Poverty and Punishment in British Prison Museums Geoff Cubitt
David Jones Our Common Colonial Dependence: Making postcolonial states in Argentina and the United States 1776-1828 Helen Cowie
Joshua King 'Falling to pieces': bodily integrity in early modern England 1650-1800 Mark Jenner
Tali Kot-Ofek Dress, Clothes and Civic Identity in War and Austerity - Britain 1939-1955 Mark Roodhouse
Cheng Li Jeremy Bentham and his lawyer friends in changing public attitude towards law reform, 1807-1832 Miles Taylor
Frances Long Children's Sleep in England, c1650-1830 Mark Jenner
Joanna Lunt Water, health and development: Uganda and Sufan c. 1935-1985 Sabine Clarke
Elizabeth Marsh The Cleveland Ironstone Industry: History and impact from 1836 Lawrence Black
Jean-Baptiste Masson A New Listening for a New Music. Ambient Sound, Sound-Hunting and the Tape Recorder, 1948-1978. David Clayton
Declan McCormack Theatre and Associational Life in Late Eighteenth-Century Northern England and the Scottish Borders Catriona Kennedy
Florence Mok

Political Culture and Policy Making in British Hong Kong, 1967-1980

David Clayton
Ayako Otsuka Diplomacy between Germany and Japan during World War I Oleg Benesch
Samantha Portela Historical use of the Land in a coastal Brazilian Environmental Protection Area - Area de Proteção Ambiental Litoral Norte - APA NL Shane O'Rourke
Joshua Ravenhill The Alien Experience in Late Medieval London: Strategies and Options Jeremy Goldberg
Sidney Ross A historical, contextual and statistical study of the poetic corpus attributed to Paul the Deacon Mary Garrison
Joshua Scarlett Instruments and their Makers: a study of experiment, collaboration and identity in seventeenth century London Sophie Weeks and Jane Desborough
Tom Shillam  Decolonisation and the cultural Cold War in South Asia, 1951-1967 Dr. Gerard McCann
Aisha Shukat-Khawaja Invisible Hands: a study of Indian ayahs in Britain, 1870-1950 Henrice Altink
James Smith A four nations history of the Westminster parliament, c.1830-c.1852 Miles Taylor
Robert Smith The Functions of Praise Discourse in Carolingian Politics Mary Garrison
Annamaria Valent Early Modern Anglo-Iberian Food and Recipes: Reception, Resistance, Identity Helen Smith and Iona McCleery
Sophie Vohra Railways and Commemoration: Anniversaries, Commemorative Cultures and the Making of Railway History Geoff Cubitt
Benjamin Walker Religion, International Health and Medical Aid: Smallpox Control and Eradication, and Colonial and Post-Colonial Development in Ghana, 1950-1980 Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Thomas Wright Cultures of bureaucracy and the normalisation of brutality in Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion, 1952-60 Dr. Gerard McCann
Stephanie Williams Between Art and Journalism: The Self-Image of the Satirist in Paris, 1881-1914 Geoff Cubitt and Valerie Mainz
Jinming Yi Archives, Authority and Clerks: The making of local archives in the fourteenth- and fifteenth-century North of England Tom Johnson and Sarah Rees Jones
Xuduo Zhao Thoughts and Struggles of Early Marxist Intellectuals in Guangzhou, 1920-27 Oleg Benesch