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Past seminars in history


Autumn 2017

Week 2 4 October Laura Stewart
Publics and Participation in Early Modern Britain
Week 3 11 October Emily Robinson
The Beautiful and The Sublime: The Emotional Politics of Conservatism in Mid Twentieth-Century Britain
Week 4 18 October John Sabapathy
Longing and disenchantment amongst some early fourteenth-century Franciscans
Week 5 25 October Guy Halsall
The Critique of Diabolical Reason: Truth-speaking demons and bishops between Foucault and Derrida
Week 6 1 November Claire Judde de Larivière
Popular Politics and “Ordinary Politicization”: Were Ordinary People Political Actors? The Case of Sixteenth-Century Venice
Week 7 8 November Raghav Kishore
Imagining the World Health Organisation’s ‘South East Asia Region’ (SEARO): Between Global Politics and Nationalist Designs, 1946-48
Week 8 15 November Christina de Bellaigue
Great expectations: childhood, family, and middle class social mobility in nineteenth century England
Week 9 22 November Adrastos Omissi
Civil War and the Collapse of the Roman West in the Third to Fifth Centuries AD

Spring 2018

Week 2 17 January Joanna de Groot
Calculation and commemoration: some reflections on modern uses of the ancient 'Iranian' past

Week 3 

24 January

Jennifer Altehenger
Maoist Things: Industrial design, engineered materials, and everyday stuff in the early People's Republic of China

Week 4

31 January

Eliza Hartrich 
The sinews of empire? Towns and municipal citizenship in 'English' Ireland, 1350–1500

Week 5

7 February

Sim Koole
Love in the time of neurology: entangled histories of erotic and scientific touch
Week 6 14 February Danielle Park
A reconsideration of the reign of King Fulk and Queen Melisende of Jerusalem: a partnership in power?
Week 7 21 February Eric Durot
The outbreak of the French Wars of Religion: an Anglo-Scottish dimension
Week 8 28 February Jamie Page
"To Multiply Honour and Morality": Civic prostitution and the emergence of Policey in the late medieval Empire
Week 9 7 March Emilie Murphy
Music and Catholic memories of the Reformation



Autumn 2016

Week 2 5 October Tom Johnson
Soothsayers, Law-Courts, and Authority in Late-Medieval England
Week 3 12 October Ronnie Hsia
Conversion and Conversion: The Goddess Mazu and the Virgin Mary in Global Maritime History
Week 4 19 October Julia Matveeva
The Depiction and Meaning of the Empress Theodora in the 
Ravenna Mosaics
Week 5 26 October

Joshua Mostow
Wakashu as a Third Gender and Gender Ambiguity in the Edo Period

Sharalyn Orbaugh
Normative Then, Queer Now:  Can We Talk About Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Transhistorically and Transculturally?

Week 6 2 November

Amanda Behm
Anticolonialism and Magna Carta

Week 7 9 November Aaron Moore
Memories of Bombing War in Japan and Britain
Week 8 16 November Anna Valent
Not Only Don Quijote: The Reception of Iberian Culinary and Medical Knowledge in Early Modern England
Week 9 23 November

Alex Goodall
Searching for the Heritage of Tyre: US Empire in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, c.1870-1920

Spring 2017

Week 2 18 January Iain Gow
Japan’s Role in WW1: A Reassessment from a Military History Perspective
Week 3 25 January Niall McKay
Weighing the Fog of War: A Bayesian Study of the Battle of the Dogger Bank, 1915
Week 4 1 February Benjamin Ziemann
Conversion and Confessional Identity in Nazi Germany: The Case of Martin Niemoeller
Week 5 8 February Antje Flüchter
Perceptions of Indian Statehood in Early-modern Germany
Week 6 15 February Peter Lambert
Facts, Fictions and Counterfactuals: Imagining the Eighth-Century Saxon Wars in Nazi Germany
Week 7 22 February Zubin Mistry
The consecration of Ermentrude (866): Rites of Queenship and the Grammar of Carolingian Fertility
Week 8 1 March Geraint Thomas
The General Strike and the Political Imaginary in Interwar Britain
Week 9 8 March Jim Amelang
The Reformed Spaniards: Complicating Conversion in 1620s London





Autumn 2015

Week 2

7 October

Barak Kushner, University of Cambridge

War Crimes in East Asia - Chinese Memory and Japanese Behaviour’

Week 3 14 October

Emily Anderson, Washington State University

Empire for God: Creating Alternative Visions for a Modern Japan’

Week 4 21 October

Shaul Mitelpunkt, University of York

‘"It is Not an Israeli Film, but an American One": Operation 'Exodus' and the Battle over Americanization in 1960s Israel’

Week 5 28 October

Lara Cook, University of York

‘"To Hitch a Swan, a Pike and a Crab to the Soviet Cart?"  The Bolshevik-Left SR Coalition Government, October 1917-July 1918’

Week 6 4 November

Jasper Heinzen, University of York

‘Civil War and State-Building in Prussia, 1866-1918’

Week 7 11 November

Sharif Gemie, University of South Wales

‘Drugs on the Road: Drug Consumption and the Hippy Trail, 1957-1978’

Week 8 18 November

James Richardson, University of York

‘Searching for Solutions to Perpetual Problems: Bishops and Reform in Hereford and Winchester Dioceses, 1282-1317’

Week 9 25 November

Stefan Bauer, University of York

''History and Theology: Onofrio Panvinio and the Creation of Disinterested Scholarship, ca. 1550-1610'

Spring 2016

Wk 2

13 January

David Huyssen, University of York

'The Socialist Who Invented the Hedge Fund’

Wk 3

20 January

Lena Liapi, University of York

‘"The Talk of the Towne": News, Crime and the Public Sphere in Seventeenth-Century London’

Wk 4

27 January

Martina Kessel, University of Bielefeld

‘Performing Power: "Humour" in Nazi Germany’

Wk 5

3 February

Rebecca Emmett, University of York

‘Why Publishing Investment Matters: The Strange Case of the Elizabethan Stationer, Thomas Man, 1578-1625’

Wk 6

10 February

Peter Lambert, University of Aberystwyth

‘Facts, Fictions and Counterfactuals: Imagining the Eighth-Century Saxon Wars in Nazi Germany’

Wk 7

17 February

Philippa Hellawell, University of York

‘"The Best and Most Practical Philosophers": Seamen and Credibility in Early Modern Science’

Wk 8

24 February

Sarah Wood, University of York

‘A Marginal Conflict ? France and the Surinamese Civil War (1986-1992)’ 

Wk 9

2 March

Helen Lacey, University of Oxford

‘Subjecthood: Subjects and the Crown in Later Medieval England’




Autumn 2014

Week 2

8 October

John Bossy, University of York

A Monarchical Monarchy: Thoughts on the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I’

Week 3 15 October

Robin MacDonald, University of York

"I wrote to you from the sea": Reading the Atlantic in the 'travelling narratives' of seventeenth-century missionaries to New France’

Week 4 22 October

Andrew Redden, University of Liverpool

‘The Collapse of Time and the Martyrdom of Diego Ortiz (Vilcabamba, Peru, 1571)’

Week 5 29 October

Susan Royal, University of York

‘The Ghost of Reformers Past: Memory in the English Reformation’

Week 6 5 November

Naoko Shimazu, Birkbeck College, London

‘Diplomacy as Performative Act: Asian and African Performances at the Bandung Conference of 1955’

Week 7 12 November

Simon Ditchfield, University of York

‘Thinking with Rome: place, space and emotion in the making of the first world religion’

Week 8 19 November

David Fowler, Universities of Cambridge and York

‘Cultural Radicalism at British Universities of the Long 1960s, c.1968-c.1974’

Week 9 26 November

Charlotte Riley, University of York

''A Moral Crusade or Nothing?’ The Labour Party and Overseas Aid and Development'

Week 10 1 December

Ran Zwigenberg, Penn State

‘Hiroshima: The Origins of Global Memory Culture’

 Spring 2015

Week 2

14 January

Hugo Service, University of York

‘The Decade of Radical Nationalism in Central Europe: Upper Silesia, 1939-49'

Week 3 21 January

Guy Halsall, University of York

'The Transformations of the Year 600: A Historical Experiment'

Week 4 28 January

Mark Pendleton, University of Sheffield

‘The Very Queer Appeal of Japan: Sexuality, Identity, and Belonging in Postwar Expatriate Literary Cultures'

Week 5 4 February

Rob Lutton, University of Nottingham

‘Wycliffism, Orthodoxy and the Holy Name of Jesus in Late Fourteenth- and Early Fifteenth-Century England'

Week 6 11 February

Chris Wickham, University of Oxford

‘Consensus and Assemblies in the Romano-Germanic Kingdoms: A Comparative Approach'

Week 7 18 February

Harry Munt, University of York

‘Booze, Parties and Pilgrimage: The Scandalous Hajj of the Umayyad Prince al-Walid ibn Yazid in 735'

Week 8 25 February

David Doddington, Cardiff University

‘'In the name of God, we ask, are you men?' Contesting Manhood in Slave Communities of the U.S. South, 1800-1865'

Week 9 4 March

Andrea Vanni, University of York

'Gian Pietro Carafa and Church Reform: Institutions and Inquisitions, 1524-1542'

Week 10 11 March

Erin Rowe, Johns Hopkins University

'‘Black Like Me': Black Saints and Slave Confraternities in Early Modern Global Catholicism'

Week 2
22 April

Nina Koefoed, University of Aarhus

'Female Suffrage without Fight: The Danish Case'





Autumn 2013

Week 2

10 October

Paul Greenough, University of Iowa

‘Global Spread of Investigative Epidemiology: The US Center for Disease Control and the 1958 East Pakistan Smallpox Epidemic’

Week 3 17 October

Avner Offer, All Souls College, Oxford

'A Warrant for Pain: Market Liberalism c 1970-2012'
Week 4 24 October

Gowan Dawson, University of Leicester

‘“Working the Public Up for Science”: Thomas Henry Huxley and the Problems of Popularization’

Week 5 31 October

No seminar

Week 6 7 November

John Arnold, Birkbeck College, London

'Medieval Religious Belief and Unbelief'

Week 7 14 November

Paul Readman, King’s College London

‘Walking with James Bryce (1838-1922): Pedestrianism and Mountaineering in the Career of a Public Intellectual'

  Week 8       21 November

Antonio Sennis, University College London

Dreams, Visions and Political Competition in the Monasteries of Medieval Central Italy’

Spring 2014

Week 2

 16 January

Faramerz Dabhoiwala, Exeter College, Oxford

‘The First Sexual Revolution’

Week 3  23 January No seminar
Week 4  30 January

John Breuilly, London School of Economics

‘How Nationalism Spreads’

Week 5  6 February

Branwyn Poleykett, University of Cambridge

‘Labour Politics and Africanisation at a Tanzanian Scientific Research Institute, 1949-1966’

Week 6  13 February  Mikael Bauer, University of Leeds

‘The reconstruction of History: Fujiwara no Nakamaro and the writing of clan records in 8th century Japan’

Week 7  20 February

 John Cooper and James Jago, University of York

‘Investigating St Stephen's Chapel in the Palace of Westminster’

Week 8  27 February

Jinty Nelson, Kings College London

‘Remembering Charlemagne in 2014’

Week 9       6 March

 Kay Schiller, Durham University

‘The 1974 FIFA World Cup in West Germany: A non-event?’





Autumn 2012

Week 3

25 October

Anna Bocking-Welch, University of York

The Many Faces of Philanthropy: Britain and the United Nations Freedom from Hunger Campaign

Week 4 1 November

Andrew Scull, University of California, San Diego

A Psychiatric Revolution: American Psychiatry, 1940-2012

Week 5 8 November No paper
Week 6 15 November

Natalie Zacek, University of Manchester

Creole Villains and Lying Heroes: Contesting Imperial Masculinity in the Age of Abolition

Week 7 22 November Public Lecture
Week 8 29 November

Alistair Malcolm, University of Limerick

Culture and Politics in Golden-Age Spain: Attitudes and Assumptions of a Grandee Elite

Week 9 6 December

Thomas Le Roux, CNRS, Paris

Science, Politics and Industrial Pollution: France, 1750-1850

 Spring 2013

Week 2

17 January

Monica Saveedra, University of York 

Rice Fields, Mosquitoes and Shakes: Malaria Stories in Portugal

Week 3 24 January

Jon Wilson, Kings College

Rethinking the Conquest of India

Week 4 31 January

Lisa Peschel, University of York

Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Czechslovakia: their Testimony on the Cultural Life of the Terezin Ghetto

Week 5 7 February

Paul Williams, University of Exeter

Art Spiegelman, J. B. Rund, and 'Adult Comics' in the 1970s

Week 6 14 February

Rob Dale, Kings College

'A great Augean stable washed clean’ – Bolshevik Power, Public Opinion and the Aftermath of the September 1924 Leningrad Flood

Week 7 21 February

Darren Wagner, University of York

A Delicate Issue: Sensibility and Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century British Medicine and Literature

Week 8 28 February

Michael Weatherburn, Imperial College - To be held in AEW/102

'The Best and Fullest Use of Human Power': Seebohm Rowntree, Scientific Management, and the interwar Cocoa Works at York

Week 9 7 March

Tomoko Kitigawa, Joseph Needham Research Institute, University of Cambridge

The Ethics of the Lady Samurai in Warring States Japan



Autumn Term 2011

Week 2 20 Oct Mike Savage (Department of Sociology, University of York) 'Social Change in Post-War Britain: Biographical Accounts from the 1958 National Child Development Study' 
Week 3

26 Oct

Daniel Smail (Harvard University) 'Goods and Debts in the Medieval Mediterranean'

Week 4 3 Nov

Jeremy Goldberg (University of York) 'What Londoners Really Thought about Richard II: The Case of John Rykener "the Transvestite" Male Prostitute'

Week 5 10 Nov David Edgerton (Imperial College) 'An Empire of Machines: Britain in the Second World War'
Week 6 17 Nov  Laura Stewart (Birkbeck College) 'Contesting the Constitution: The Debate over Parliamentary Reform in Early Seventeenth-Century Scotland'
Week 7 24 Nov Graeme Murdock (Trinity College, Dublin) 'Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbours? Living With Heretics in Early Modern Savoy'
Week 8 1 Dec 

Vanessa Heggie (University of Cambridge) 'Comparative Histories: Sport and Medicine in the Long Twentieth Century'

Week 10 7 Dec Chris Prior (University College, Dublin) 'Standing in Defiance of Nature?: Imperial Change in British West Africa, 1900-1939'

Spring Term 2012

Week 2  19 January Daniel de Groff (Queen Mary, University of London) 'The Making of a French Regionalist: Jean Baffier (1851-1920)'
Week 3 26 January Carl G. Scott (Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota) 'African Footballers in Sweden: Race, Immigration, and Integration in the Age of Globalization'
Week 4 2 February  Barry Doyle (University of Huddersfield) 'The Hospital Crisis in Post-war Britain and France, 1918-1928'
Week 5 9 February Alex Goodall (University of York) 'Juggling with Machetes: The US Occupation of Nicaragua, 1927-1933'
Week 6 16 February Katharina Reinholt (Universitat de Saarlandes) 'Passion and Conflict: Persecution, Martyrdom and Marriage in Early Modern Anabaptism'
Week 7 23 February Liam Riordan (University of Maine) 'Loyalist Opposition to the American Revolution: Comparative Colonialism and the British Atlantic'
Week 8 1 March  Brian Balmer (University College, London) 'How to Make Secrets: Pesticides, Nerve Gas and Knowledge Transfer in the Cold War'
Week 9 8 March Aylmer Lecture

Edward Muir (Northwestern University) 'People Who Believe in Nothing: Intolerable Thoughts in Late Renaissance Italy'