Since 2001 the New Perspectives in South Asian History series (published by Orient BlackSwan) has published more than 30 monographs and other writings on early modern, modern and contemporary history. The volumes in the series cover new ground: they provide fresh perspectives on familiar fields, and they open up new areas for historical research. The series covers social and cultural history, and is particularly strong in emerging fields such as environmental history,medical history, history of transport and communication as well as in the history of science and technology. We are also publishing a range of studies that take fresh, regional perspectives on the history of South Asia. We encourage the publication of interdisciplinary and original work from all parts of South Asia and welcome contributions from sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and other areas, which enriches our  understanding of historical processes. 

For a full list of books in the series see the New Perspectives in South Asian History catalogue

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Languished Hopes: Tuberculosis, the State & International Assistance in Twentieth-century India

Languished Hopes: Tuberculosis, the State and International Assistance in Twentieth-century India narrates and analyses the history of tuberculosis in India in the twentieth century: how the disease was ‘discovered’, how it has been understood, and how national and international agencies have struggled to bring it under control.




Revolution in Reform: Trade Unionism in Lahore, c. 1920-70

Ahmad Azhar questions previous research that have traditionally considered labour politics of inter-war Punjab as mere preludes to Partition.

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For a full list of books in the series see the New Perspectives in South Asian History catalogue.

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