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India in Africa: Changing Geographies of Power  

by Emma Mawdsley and Gerard McCann

 "An indispensable book for those who want to understand the compulsion and politics of recent Chinese and Indian involvement in Africa, written by experts in a language accessible to the non-expert.” Yash Ghai, Activist and Chairman of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission 2000-2004.

“With India and other emerging powers increasingly eyeing the rich resources of the African continent, this book by leading experts makes both timely and essential reading.” Yash Tandon, former Director of the South Centre, Geneva

“A book that must be read by anyone seeking to understand the contextual change affecting India-Africa relations: the transition from political solidarities of the past, to new relations based on commercial imperatives.” Davinder Lamba, Executive Director of the Mazingira Institute, Nairobi

Major changes are taking place in the global economy and polity. While China's relationship to Africa is much examined, knowledge and analysis of India's role in Africa has until now been limited but, as a significant global player, India's growing interactions with various African countries call for detailed analysis of the Asian giant's influence and its relations with the African continent. In this original book, which enables readers to compare India to China and other 'rising powers' in Africa, expert African, Indian and western commentators draw on a collection of accessibly written case studies to explore inter-related areas including trade, investment, development aid, civil society relations, security and geopolitics.

Gerard McCann is a Lecturer in Modern History. He works on African and South Asian history, particularly post-colonial interactions between African nations and Asian ‘rising powers’. His research is focused primarily on India-Africa relations, which is grounded in longer standing work on South Asian communities in East Africa since the late nineteenth century.