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Exploring Russia's Environmental History and Natural Resources

Baikal July - August 2015 - Gallery

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Our thanks to Ion Voicu Sucala who took the majority of these photos, and also to others members of the group who provided some.

Day 1 - Round-table event at Buryat State University in Ulan-Ude

Day 2 - Travel to Zabaikal National Park and boarding boats

Day 3 - Barguzin National Park

Day 4 - second day in Barguzin National Park

Day 5 - third day in Barguzin National Park

Day 6 - Ushkanki Islands and Nerpa, workshop on board, sail through Maloe More and arrival on Olkhon Island

Day 7 - Shaman's Rock and Khuzir

Day 8 - Olkhon Island Tour