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NameThesis Title
Aidan Collins Bankruptcy in the Court of Chancery, 1674-1750 - White Rose eTheses Online
Amy Creighton Labouring Bodies: Gender, Work and Skill in Early Modern England, with Special Reference to Yorkshire, c. 1660-1750 - White Rose eTheses Online
Maria Fernanda Lanfranco-Gonzalez Women’s Activism and Feminism in the Chile Solidarity Movement - White Rose eTheses Online
Robert Smith  
Victoria Hoyle Who Do Archives Think They Are?: Archives, Communities and Values in the Heritage City - White Rose eTheses Online
Annamaria Valent Early modern Anglo-Iberian food and recipes:transmission, reception, identity - White Rose eTheses Online
Benjamin Walker Reframing International Health and Development: Medical Mission in Ghana, c.1919-1983 - White Rose eTheses Online
Bethany Hume The idea of medieval heresy in early modern France - White Rose eTheses Online
Carolyn Dougherty The carrying trade and the first railways in England, c1750-c1850 - White Rose eTheses Online
Claire Benson Boundaries of belonging in early modern London, 1550-1700 - White Rose eTheses Online 
 David Jones American Polities: Statecraft in Post-Revolutionary Argentina and the United States, 1776-1828 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Devin Dattan  Adventure, Empire and Representation in the Writings of British Professional Adventurers, c. 1880-1914 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Florence Mok  Political Culture and Policy Making in British Hong Kong, c. 1970-80 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Joanna Lunt  Water marginalised: findings in international, British colonial, and post-colonial health discourses c. 1925-1975 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Rachael Hardstaff Heresy and aristocracy in thirteenth-century Languedoc - White Rose eTheses Online 
Sarah Hartley  The Role of Maternal and Child Health in Decolonisation in Fiji 1945-1970 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Yiyun Ding  Yang Yinyu (1884-1938): China's First Female University President and the Educational Reforms in Her Era - White Rose eTheses Online 
Arnab Chakraborty  Medical Transformation in Madras Presidency: Military and Civilian Perspectives (1880-1935) - White Rose eTheses Online 
Daniel Johnson  Spectacles of Punishment: Representations of Poverty and Punishment in British Prison Museums - White Rose eTheses Online 
Hannah Jeans  Women's Reading Habits and Gendered Genres, c.1600 - 1700 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Harriet Beadnell  Veterans of the People’s War – The Representation and Identity of Second World War Veterans since 1945 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Joshua Ravenhill  The Experiences of Aliens in Later Medieval London and the Negotiation of Belonging, 1400-1540 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Sidney Ross  Establishing the authentic corpus of the Latin verse of Paul the Deacon; a philological, textual and statistical study - White Rose eTheses Online 
Sky Duthie The Roots of Reform: Vegetarianism and the British Left, c.1790-1900 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Stephanie Williams  Between Art and Journalism. The importance of the artist’s self-image in the French illustrated press, 1881-1914. - White Rose eTheses Online 
Jennie England  The Crown-Wearing Abbeys of Westminster, Winchester, and Gloucester in text and written record, c.1100-1170 - White Rose eTheses Online 
Catherine Rose Hailstone Fear in the Mind and Works of Gregory of Tours
Sophie Vohra Railways and Commemoration: Anniversaries, Commemorative Cultures and the Making of Railway History