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Alex Traves
Lecturer in Early Medieval History



BA (Hons), MA, PhD (University of Sheffield)

Alex Traves is a Lecturer in Early Medieval History. Before joining the department in 2022, he taught at the University of Sheffield, where he completed his doctoral thesis. His teaching and research focuses on early medieval Europe between the seventh and eleventh centuries, with a particular emphasis on England during this period. He also specialises in early medieval social and gender history, and has previously published and presented on these topics, especially in the context of the political and social upheavals associated with the ninth century.






Alex’s research explores the social and political history of early medieval northern Europe. He is currently working on his first monograph, provisionally entitled ‘Family and Society in Early Medieval England: AD 600 – 1050’. Through the incorporation of a diverse range of source material, the book will seek to challenge received wisdom about the family’s role and position in early medieval society and its relationship to political culture, while also recognising the gendered experiences of kinship and the emotional responses family ties could create. His next major research project will develop some of these themes further, through an investigation of political culture (broadly conceived) and its evolution in England during the tumultuous ninth century.

Alex has previously published on the genealogies of royal women and their importance for West Saxon politics during the reign of King Alfred, and is also currently working on a publication exploring the role of women in West Saxon efforts to protect their kingdom from viking incursions. In addition to this, he has previously co-published two open access primary source translations, the most recent of which was a treatise written by ninth-century Carolingian cleric Hrabanus Maurus entitled De honore parentum, or ‘On honouring parents’.

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Dr Alex Traves
Lecturer in Early Medieval History
University of York
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Summer term 2023


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