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The Americas after Global History

Posted on 7 June 2016

Workshop gives platform to early-career scholars, and paves way for research stream

A recent workshop, organised by Dr David Huyssen and Dr Shaul Mitelpunkt as part of the York Centre for the Americas project, brought together nine early-career scholars from the UK and US.

The event, which was supported by the Department of History, the Centre for Modern Studies, and a Center for Global Health Histories' Wellcome Trust-funded grant, stemmed from the recent boom in “global history,” the promotion of the “new history of capitalism” field, and efforts to re-think America-in-the-world scholarship within and beyond an imperial mode.

These developments suggest a disciplinary shift toward encouraging broader spatial and theoretical frames of analysis than what domestic, transnational, or diplomatic history approaches have generally adopted, and carry a danger of flattening or erasing dialectical attention to fully situated lives and local contexts. Each of the speakers are pushing the spatial and/or theoretical boundaries of their own fields while striving to keep the local, the personal, and the historically specific in sight.

Discussions at the event helped to identify an agenda for a possible research stream and larger conference here in York, tentatively entitled, "Revising the Geography of Modern World Histories."