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Department of History Teaching Prizes

Posted on 10 July 2015

History students vote and award Staff Teaching Prizes

The Department is delighted to announce the winners of the Department of History Teaching prizes for this year. The staff prizes were awarded to Sethina Watson and Gerard McCann and the PGWT prize went to Stephanie Smith.
Students were invited to nominate tutors and the prizes were awarded by the student representatives. Sethina's 'passion' for history was described as 'inspiring and wonderful', Gerard's seminars as 'exactly what I hoped a History degree would entail' and Stephanie's teaching encouraged her students to 'think like historians'.
Quotations from student nominations:
Sethina Watson
  • 'She gets the best out of me and has a passion for History that is just inspiring and wonderful'
  • 'She is the sort of [lecturer] that has her students choosing her module for her brilliant teaching style'
  • 'She gave me the confidence to speak out and voice my ideas'
Gerard McCann
  • 'An inspiring, personable and passionate tutor that goes above and beyond for every student'
  • 'His seminars are exactly what I hoped a History degree would entail'
  • 'He is a credit to the University'
Stephanie Smith
  • 'She leads thought-provoking discussion groups'
  • '[We] have been encouraged to stretch beyond the topics and think like historians'
  • 'I sincerely hope, and cannot advocate strongly enough, [that] she receives some recognition for her work'