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Brocher award for CGHH

Posted on 26 June 2014

CGHH's Director awarded major Brocher Foundation workshop grant

The Brocher Foundation has awarded a major, competitive workshop grant to Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Professor in the History of Medicine and Director, Centre for Global Health Histories, University of York, UK. Based on case studies of Sickle Cell Disease, Leishmaniasis, and a mysterious new kidney disease primarily affecting agricultural workers all over the world, this meeting (to be held between 4-6th November 2015) will use critical arts, humanities and social sciences approaches to understand the complexity of factors that cause these diseases to remain relatively invisible in a variety of political and social contexts. The workshop will also aim to develop projects that can assist those involved in national, international and global health programmes to raise greater awareness about these health challenges.

The gathering will involve thirty people, who will be hosted by the Brocher Foundation in its retreat located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The workshop will involve academics studying history sociology, anthropology, economics, literature, philosophy, politics and health sciences; they will be joined by senior World Health Organization and United Nations officials. Participation will be international, combining the efforts of academics from different University of York departments with scholars from across Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Check back to the CGHH website in the near future for further information about this award and the resulting workshop.