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The Otherworld Chronicles

Posted on 27 November 2013

Former History student James Jarvis' books published

The second of a series of books, Queen's Champion, by former History undergraduate and Masters student James Jarvis has been published. 

Before his tragic and unexpected death in 2011, at the age of 22, James had written a series of five books called The Otherworld Chronicles. This book - Queen's Champion - is the second in the series, and follows on from the first book, The Midgard Knight.

James was born and brought up on Teesside. He studied History as an undergraduate at the University, graduating in 2010 and stayed with the History Department to complete a Master's degree in Medieval History. James was due to begin a PhD at Nottingham Trent University but died before he could take up his place.

An excellent swordsman and keen dramatist, he was an instructor in historical swordsmanship and played several roles including Robin in Robin et Marion with the Lords of Misrule, Captain John Foote for the Joshua Reynolds exhibition at the Art Gallery in York and was involved in many societies and groups in the city.

Queen’s Champion is published by Quoin Publishing and retails at £7.99. It is presently also stocked in the following outlets: Blackwells University of York Campus, The Little Apple Bookshop, High Petergate, York (near the Minster) and Guisborough Bookshop. It can be ordered directly from the publisher on, from any good bookshop (ISBN9781907257704) and is available for Kindle at

Any profits from the books go into a bursary, set up in James’ memory to help students at the University of York.

The Queen's Champion

Queen’s Champion continues the adventures of The Midgard Knight, John Summers, and his companions, Rob Drake, Jenny Hastings and Jim Wytton. Although Queen’s Champion is the 2nd in this series, it can be read as a stand-alone book, as the tales within it are not dependent on knowing the story from The Midgard Knight.

Greek heroes and fantastical creatures abound, as the young people’s adventures take them from rescuing a Princess (or kidnapping her – it depends whose point of view you take); through losing Jenny in The Otherworld and then into the time of the Highwayman. There are the usual sword fights and battles between good and evil. In Queen’s Champion, Rob Drake meets his guardian, not a sardonic wolf, like John’s Fenris, but a gentler creature. Rob comes into his own, in Queen’s Champion, as an accident to John means that Rob has to step up to the mark.

He’s a street fighter not a knight! Can he cope? Does he get the girl, as all heroes should? And why the dragon on the cover?

The Midgard Knight

The Midgard Knight tells the story of John Summers, an ordinary teenage boy from York, who is forcibly conscripted into a secret society known as the Light, whose aim is to forge a link between this world and the legendary Otherworld.Upon joining the Light, John is tutored in the rules of the organisation by Fenris, a sardonic wolf, who works for the mythical Herne the Hunter. John is also introduced to the Otherworld, a parallel universe inhabited by both humans and other, fantastical races. The Light uses this Otherworld as a battleground where they spy upon and combat their enemies, the Dark, preferring intelligence and assassination to outright warfare.

The Light also train John in magic and swordsmanship, but John’s natural curiosity soon causes problems for him, and, during his adventures, he inadvertently offends the Norse god Heimdall. To placate Heimdall, John agrees to help recover a series of valuable artefacts that belong to the legendary and mysterious Midgard Knight.

Aided by his colleague Jenny – a gifted tracker; Rob, a member of the Light, and a cynical deserter from the Light named Jim, John sets out to recover the artefacts from the Otherworld.