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Marie Curie Fellowship

Posted on 12 February 2013

Department to welcome winner of prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship

Dr Andrea Vanni will be joining the department for two years on 1 June 2013. He will be working as a postdoctoral research fellow closely with Simon Ditchfield on the project: The Origins of the Roman Inquisition Reconsidered: the Diplomatic Career of Gian Pietro Carafa in England and Spain (1513-19).

The project aims to re-examine the formative years of Gian Pietro Carafa (the future pope Paul IV, 1555-59); specificallyhis diplomatic missions to England and Spain in the 1510s. Its objective is to reconstruct the relations Carafa enjoyed with the sovereigns Henry VIII and Charles V and their courts and determine the importance of these experiences for his later political and religious choices. The study will culminate in an attempt to determine whether there existed within the Church of Rome a drive for repressive reform long before the Council of Trent (1545-63) and even before the foundation of the Roman Inquisition in 1542.