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In Our Time: Pascal

Posted on 1 October 2013

Professor David Wootton discusses French polymath Blaise Pascal on BBC Radio 4

Born in 1623, Pascal was a brilliant mathematician and scientist, inventing one of the first mechanical calculators and making important discoveries about fluids and vacuums while still a young man. In his thirties he experienced a religious conversion, after which he devoted most of his attention to philosophy and theology. Although he died in his late thirties, Pascal left a formidable legacy as a scientist and pioneer of probability theory, and as one of seventeenth century Europe's greatest writers.

Melvyn Bragg and his guests, including Professor David Wootton of the Department of History at the University of York, begin a new series of the programme with a discussion of the French polymath Blaise Pascal.
The BBC Radio 4 In Our Time programme Pascal can be found here: