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Recent doctoral successes

Posted on 17 January 2011

Congratulations to four of our research students on their successful vivas.

In the past month four of the department's research students completed doctorates after successful vivas. Many congratuations to Nils van Manen, Carlos Meissner, Pat Midgley andAdam Morton.

Working with his supervisor Mark Jenner, Nils van Manen re-examined the campaigns to end child labour during the industrial revolution. His project resulted in his thesis "The Climbing Boy Campaigns in Britain, c. 1770-1840: Cultures of Reform, Languages of Health and Experiences of Childhood."

Carlos Meissner studied the enduring power and influence of German families living in Costa Rica after the Second World War. Carlos worked closely with Richard Bessel while researching and writing his thesis "A Resilient Elite: German Costa Ricans after the Second World War."

Under the supervision of Ted Royle, professor emeritus, Pat Midgley produced a doctoral study of "The Churches and the Working Classes: Leeds, 1870-1920."

Adam Morton, one of the department's Teaching Fellows in History, examined the production and reception of anti-papal images, working closely with Bill Sheils. The result is "Glaring at the Anti-Christ: Anti-Papal Images in Early Modern England, c.1530-1680."