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Global Health Histories Seminar 128:  Health and Disease across Cultural and Disciplinary Boundaries in a Global World

Tuesday 25 June 2019, 6.15PM to 7:45pm

Speaker(s): Professor Hiroaki Matsuura (Shoin University) & Professor Akihito Suzuki (Keio University) Moderator: Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya University of York)

This seminar seeks to create frameworks for discussing the global and multidisciplinary experience of social science and historical and transboundary experience of Japan. 

Professor Hiroaki Matsuura will discuss his own experiences of different regions of the world, combining multi-disciplines of medicine, diseases, public health, technology and economics. 

Professor Akihito Suzuki will explore complex political and cultural networks of Japanese psychiatric treatments about foreigners who expressed transboundary emotions in the earlier half of the twentieth century.

Location: Symposium Space, Hiyoshi Campus, Yokohama, Keio University, Japan