History in action

The Department of History at York is committed to using its expertise to engage with the wider community: historicising questions of public policy, advising external organizations on matters of historical interpretation or accuracy, working with the media in developing programming and publications about the past, and forming partnerships with other institutions for the development of major public history projects.

Mysterious History

Emilie Murphy, a graduate student at York, was recently involved in helping to shed light on the mysterious Rushton Triangular Lodge for BBC1's Countryfile.

On the programme, Emilie talked to presenter Julia Bradbury about the findings of her doctoral research on the eccentric Elizabethan politician, Sir Thomas Tresham. The programme featured Rushton Triangular Lodge, an example of Tresham’s symbolic and mysterious architecture, which beneath the surface reveals a deep and, at the time, treasonable demonstration of Tresham's adherence to Roman Catholicism.

Further examples of history in action

Public understanding of the past

The Department of History has established the Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past (IPUP). IPUP seeks to promote partnerships and consultancies between archives, museums, galleries, heritage and the media, and to create interdisciplinary links between researchers, practitioners and audiences within and without the University.