Yellow Fever - An Unfinished History

Posted on 2 October 2012

Professor Jaime Benchimol charts the history of yellow fever in Brazil for the latest Global Health Histories Seminar

Yellow fever was one of the biggest public health challenges in the Americas in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. On Wednesday 3 October 2012 Professor Jaime Benchimol will chart the history of the disease in Brazil for the 66th seminar in the Global Health Histories series, presented in association with WHO and the Wellcome Trust. While the yellow fever virus still circulates in rural woodlands, there have been no recent urban outbreaks in Brazil. Instead, it has been replaced by dengue, which is transmitted by the same mosquito vector. Professor Benchimol will explore why yellow fever has not continued to spread in urban environments teeming with the same mosquitoes that played host to the virus in the past. The event takes place at the WHO Library, Geneva, Switzerland and will be broadcast live over the internet via webinar. For information about this seminar, including registering for the webinar, please see our events page.