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Conversation UK piece - Memoirs of women participants of the Indian Smallpox Eradication Programme

Posted on 28 January 2020

Our Commonwealth – Rutherford Fellow Namrata R Ganneri recently published a short piece in the UK Conversation, “These memoirs show us the role women had in eradicating smallpox from India”,

Namrata's article These memoirs show us the role women had in eradicating smallpox from India describes the role played by women physician-epidemiologists Dr Mary Guinan and Dr Cornelia E. Davis in the Indian Smallpox Eradication campaign in the 1970s. These women were among the first cohort of women doctors in the USA, Dr Davis being one of the first few African –American women to study medicine in the late 1960s.  Ganneri drew attention to the work done by Guinan and Davis during the Intensified Phase of the campaign in the 1970s. Ganneri argues that reminding ourselves of the struggles and stories of all the participants- men and women, Indian and foreign goes a long way in producing inclusive histories of the global campaign.  We are delighted that the article has been picked up and republished internationally. Here are a few of other media links that republished the story. 

It was published in Quartz India, The Print, Scroll, The Wire, and The Independent. It has also been translated and published in the Finnish magazine, Tekniikan Maailma

We at the Centre are delighted to see her research being shared well and wide and have her as part of our team.