How Brazil joined the quest for a yellow fever vaccine - WHO Bulletin

Posted on 1 March 2013

In a recent article for the WHO Bulletin Professor Jaime Benchimol considers how Brazil joined the quest for a yellow fever vaccine

The latest issue of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization has been recently published. It contains an article based on an interview with Professor Jaime Benchimol (historian at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) about how Brazil joined the quest for a yellow fever vaccine. The interview, conducted by Claudia Jurberg and Julia D’Aloisio, poses many interesting questions including how did Brazil become the world’s biggest producer of yellow fever vaccine; how was the vaccine made and tested; and how did Brazil respond to the resurgence of yellow fever in the 1970s? The entire article is available via the World Health Organization’s website.

In October 2012 Professor Benchimol delivered a presentation entitled ‘Yellow Fever - An Unfinished History’ at Global Health Histories Seminar 66. You can listen to this presentation for free via the WHO’s Global Health Histories seminar archives page.

Details of 2013's Global Health Histories semianrs are available via the WHO's Global Health Histories website and via the Centre for Global Health Histories' events page.

Read the Bulletin article on the WHO's website.