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New Open Access Article: Visualising Primary Health Care

Posted on 11 September 2018

Read Alexander Medcalf and João Nunes’ latest article in Medical History

Alexander Medcalf (CGHH & Department of History) and João Nunes’ open access article ‘Visualising Primary Health Care: World Health Organization Representations of Community Health Workers, 1970–89’ has now been published in Medical History (Volume 62, issue 4) and is available to view online via Cambridge Core. This is the first article from their Wellcome Trust Seed Award ‘Community health workers in Brazil and the global movement for universal health coverage’.

The article examines an intense period of picturing and public information work on the part of the WHO regarding community health workers (CHWs) and primary health care (PHC), setting out to understand how the visual politics of the WHO changed to accommodate PHC as a new priority programme from the 1970s onwards.

The article traces these representations through the 1980s, when community approaches came under sustained pressure from external and internal factors and imagery took on the supplementary role of defending the concept.

This research was supported by Wellcome Trust grants 110362/Z/15/Z and 097737/Z/11/Z.

Read more about Alexander Medcalf's research via his staff profile.