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An update on CGHH Research Associate Dr Susan Heydon

Posted on 17 March 2016

CGHH associate Dr Susan Heydon (School of Pharmacy, University of Otago, New Zealand) has been recently featured in 'He Kitenga' for her work in global health.

In the most recent issue of He Kitenga, the University of Otago’s research magazine, Dr Heydon’s work was featured as part of the 2015 research highlights. Fitting with the issue’s ‘Global’ theme, Dr Heydon was interviewed, as an example of outstanding work in the field of global health histories. You can read the interview online here. The interview pays particular attention to Dr Heydon’s uniquely interdisciplinary position as a member of the School of Pharmacy with an extensive background in History.

Dr Heydon works on the changing patterns of medicines use, the place of medicines in primary healthcare services both in international/global and New Zealand contexts, medicines and migration, and medicines in the context of people's lives. She has worked extensively on the history of Kunde Hospital, and the Himalayas and Nepal more widely.

Most recently Dr Heydon has been researching Smallpox vaccination and matters of diplomacy in Nepal in 1816, and gave a research masterclass at CGHH this month. This focused on the political and health-related ramifications of the death of the king in 1816 from Smallpox. The events and wider context of 1816 tell us not only about the early nineteenth century but remain relevant 150 years later during the global smallpox eradication programme.

You can find Dr Heydon online, here, and a list of her published works is also available. CGHH offer warmest congratulations to Dr Heydon for the well-deserved recognition she is receiving.