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Sarah Hartley, CGHH PhD student, to speak at BSHS Conference.

Posted on 15 June 2016

Sarah Hartley, PhD student at the Centre for Global Health Histories, has been selected to present a paper at a forthcoming BSHS conference.

The Centre for Global Health Histories is delighted to announce that PhD student Sarah Hartley has been selected to present a paper at the forthcoming conference, “Science and Islands in the Indo-Pacific World,” hosted by the BSHS and with the University of Cambridge (15-16 September 2016).

Organised by the British Society for the History of Science, this conference promises to be an engaging scholarly event. Within World History, the Indo-Pacific has played an important role in the production and development of scientific and cultural knowledge. Focusing on islands in the Indo-Pacific in particular, this two-day conference will explore their spatial and temporal role within the history of scientific knowledge production. More information can be obtained by contacting the organisers of this conference at 

The paper that Sarah will present will discuss the extent to which post-World-War-II family planning campaigns in Fiji became linked to racial politics in colonial Fiji (1945-1970). In doing so, Sarah will engage with the work of historians such as Alison Bashford who have explored the linkages between Malthusianism, eugenics, liberal internationalism and nationalism and family planning in this period. This paper is directly related to Sarah’s doctoral research, which examines how the British Colonial Office and British Colonial Government of Fiji collaborated and competed with philanthropic organizations, the UN agencies, and multi-governmental development organizations in shaping international public health projects in the South Pacific in the post-war era. She is particularly focusing on the development of maternal and child health, and nutrition programs in Fiji. Further information about her work, and other CGHH PhD students, is available here.

Everyone at CGHH offers warm congratulations to Sarah for her success, and looks forward to hearing more about this conference in the future.