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Happy New Year from CGHH!

Posted on 18 January 2017

The Centre for Global Health Histories looks back on a successful year, and forward to a busy 2017.

Happy New Year from the Centre for Global Health Histories. As a new year starts, we’re taking a brief look back on some of the highlights from 2016.

Leprosy: A Short History

2016 saw the release of a new open access policy and public engagement publication,  titled Leprosy: A Short History (published by Orient BlackSwan). Following the 97th WHO Global Health Histories Seminar, focusing on Leprosy, a global launch event was held to celebrate this book at Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro. 

Leprosy: A Short History presents critical perspectives on the disease, examining leprosy’s impact on society at different times, from the medieval period up to the present day, and from regional, national to local perspectives. The book provides intriguing and thought-provoking examples, which aims to inspire debate and further attention towards the disease and its significant role in the history of public health.

This book is available for download via the University of York Online Digital Library

Information about our other Outreach Materials  is available online here.

GHH 100

On 2nd December 2016, CGHH celebrated the 100th Global Health Histories Seminar which took place at Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event- “Aedes aegypti”: Old and New Sanitary Emergencies” brought Dr José Moya(OPAS, Venezuela), Dr Monica Garcia (Universidad del Rosario, Colombia) and Dr Marcos Cueto (COC, Fiocruz) together to speak about the complexity of mosquito control as they contrasted past and contemporary processes, achievements and challenges towards this endeavour.

More information about the event is available here and the recorded event itself is available via CGHH’s YouTube channel. For more information on the Global Health Seminar series, the significance of the seminars and how they have evolved over the years, see the report here. You can catch up with all the recordings of the WHO Global Health Histories Seminars via the YouTube Channel.

Grant Successes

CGHH members have had good success with grant applications in the past year. PhD student Sarah Hartley was awarded a grant worth $4000 from the Rockefeller Archive Centre to aid in her doctoral work at their facility. Sarah was also invited to attend a special careers event hosted by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the UN, and related UN agencies including the WHO last year. Wellcome Trust funded Research Fellow Dr Monica Saveedra won a grant from  The Fundação Oriente to undertake additional research for her project on primary health care in Goa (part of the larger, Wellcome Trust-funded Senior Investigator Award ‘The Local Bases of Global Health: Primary Health Care in South Asia and Beyond, 1945-2010’ - We wish both Sarah and Monica warm congratulations for their achievements and this recognition of their excellent work.

CGHH looks forward to another successful year in 2017

As the new year gets underway we are looking forward to  our first event, a research masterclass with Professor Ludmilla Jordanova on the 8th of February. The details of this event are here, and plans are underway for many more, details of which will appear soon. We will keep updating our Twitter and Facebook and website pages with news of other forthcoming events, as well as news from the ‘Local Bases of Global Health: Primary Health Care in South Asia and Beyond, 1945-2010’ project. So stay tuned and a very happy 2017 to all our followers!