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New PAHO Publications on Ethics and Zika

Posted on 7 June 2016

New publications on Ethics and Zika have been made available by PAHO (WHO).

The Pan American Health Organization WHO has released a new publication "Zika Ethics Consultation: Ethics Guidance on Key Issues Raised by the Outbreak."

This newly published document from the Pan American Health Organization (WHO) presents guidance that resulted from the Zika Ethics Consultation, convened by PAHO. This relates to issues affecting countries that have previously identified as most ethically challenging in the context of the Zika virus outbreak. Ethical duties in the domains of health care delivery, public health activity, and research are explained. 

The current Zika virus disease outbreak was first identified in Brazil in 2015 and spread rapidly throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Zika virus infection in pregnant women has been linked to microcephaly in newborn infants, which often implies severe brain damage. Zika has also, less frequently, been associated with autoimmune neurologic conditions including Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) in those infected. In February 2016, the World Health Organization declared the event a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.


This document is available to read in English here:

It is also available to read in Spanish here: