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Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya publishes a new article from 'Local Bases of Global Health' project

Posted on 5 July 2020

A new Open Access article from 'Local Bases of Global Health' project is now available.

'Humanities, criticality and transparency: global health histories and the foundations of inter-sectoral partnerships for the democratisation of knowledge' by Professor Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Dr Alex Medcalf and Professor Aliko Ahmed has recently been published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications. This research was part of Professor Bhattacharya's 'Local Bases of Global Health' project funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Abstract: Historians, as they have examined the social and cultural social determinants of health, have also used their work as public engagement, educational and policy resource tools, demonstrating that history is an effective way of making key issues in science, medicine and well-being more administratively responsive and accessible to lay audiences. This article explores such issues through the case study of the long-running World Health Organization (WHO) Global Health Histories project ... This article discusses the challenges and opportunities in bringing health history and policy together and explores the importance of explaining historical method and the need to convince policy partners how history is evidence-based, that it can access and provide useful strategic information from archives of major institutions, and, therefore, a useful contributor to making policy initiatives adaptable and acceptable within complex polities and societies.