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New Release in the New Perspectives on South Asian History series

Posted on 12 January 2016

‘Nursing and Empire:’ An exciting new addition to the NPSAH series is due to be released

Front Cover of NPSAH Nursing and Empire Book

Sujani Reddy (Associate Professor of American Studies at State University of New York Old Westbury) explores the migration of female nurses from India to the United States after World War II.

Drawing on extensive archival research and compelling life-history interviews, Nursing and Empire examines the lives of Indian nurses, which have unfolded against a complex backdrop of Anglo-American capitalist imperialism and the emergence of a postcolonial Indian nation-state still tied to this global system.  

The book begins with the movement of white, U.S.-based single female medical missionaries to India and proceeds through the remaking of the colonial medical map through race-based segregation in the United States and the “open door imperialism” of the Rockefeller Foundation in India. It ends with the Cold War emigration of Indian nurses as one outcome of the critical role played by U.S. medical interests in a colonial “civilizing mission.”

Since 2001 the New Perspectives in South Asian History series (published by Orient BlackSwan) has published more than 30 monographs and other writings on early modern, modern and contemporary history. The volumes in the series seek to cover new ground: they provide fresh perspectives on familiar fields, and they open up new areas for historical research. The series covers social and cultural history, and is particularly strong in emerging fields such as environmental history, medical history, history of transport and communication as well as in the history of science and technology. The series is edited by Prof. Sanjoy Bhattachrya (Director of the CGHH, University of York), Dr. Nitin Sinha (University of York) and Dr. Niels Brimnes (University of Aarhus).

Further information about the series is available on the university’s NPSAH pages, and a list of available titles can be found here.