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Update from the New Perspectives in South Asian History series

Posted on 25 June 2018

New Marathi translation of ‘India’s First Democratic Revolution’

Orient BlackSwan has commissioned a Marathi translation of Parag Parobo’s book India's First Democratic Revolution: Dayanand Bandodkar and the Rise of the Bahujan in Goa. Copies of the newly translated book are available via Orient BlackSwan’s website.

In India’s First Democratic Revolution, Parobo tackles the question of Goan exceptionalism in India’s First Democratic Revolution, focusing not solely on its Portuguese past, but rather on the variety of influences that shaped modern Goa. Central to this issue are the comparatively little explored story of caste-based land and power relations in pre-colonial and early colonial Goa; emerging caste movements and identity politics among both upper castes and lower castes in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; and the interactions of caste politics with competing colonialisms, both Portuguese and British.

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