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Monica Saavedra, CGHH Research Fellow, wins grant from Fundação Oriente

Posted on 11 May 2016

Dr. Monica Saavedra, a Wellcome Trust-funded Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Health Histories, in the Department of History at the University of York, has been awarded a research grant from the Fundação Oriente.

Monica Saavedra has been working with CGHH since 2012, but has worked in the field of medical anthropology and the history of medicine for the last fifteen years. She is interested in interdisciplinary and transnational approaches to studying the history of medicine and health policy. This grant will be of great use in travelling and researching her current project on primary health care in Goa. 

Monica started working on a five year project titled "The Local Bases of Global Health: Primary Health Care in South Asia and beyond, 1945-2010" at the Centre for Global Health Histories in 2012. Monica's brief is to research and author a major study of the development of the structures of primary health care in Goa, with special reference to the interactions between the Portuguese and Indian Governments, and the World Health Organization's Headquarters and Regional Office. The resultant articles and book will examine historical and contemporary perspectives, and will include a critical assessment of the impact of the induction of Goa into the Republic of India.

The Fundação Oriente awards short term scholarships to applicants who wish to attend courses, undergo training periods or field trips in a manner that improves mutual understanding of Portugal and Far Eastern countries. The Fundação Oriente was created in 1988, and is a non-profit-making private law organisation with established legal status.

All of us at CGHH would like to offer Monica warm congratulations for her achievement and this recognition of her excellent research. We hope to see more success in her work and in CGHH in the future.