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Rice Fields, Mosquitoes and Shakes: Malaria Stories in Portugal

Posted on 8 January 2013

Centre for Global Health Histories represented at History Department Research Seminar

On 17 January Dr Monica Saavedra, Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Health Histories, will examine the history of malaria in Portugal at the Department of History’s Research Seminar.

Dr. Saavedra draws on Portuguese former rural workers’ memories of malaria in Portugal to highlight the complex dimension of the disease. Political and social circumstances are pointed out as an unavoidable part of personal experiences of malaria and of the multiple responses it triggered at local and national levels.

Dr Saavedra joined CGHH on 1 October 2012. She works on the major five year project titled ‘The Local Bases of Global Health: Primary Health Care in South Asia and beyond, 1945-2010’, exploring the development of the structures of primary health care in Goa with special reference to the interactions between the Portuguese and Indian Governments, and the World Health Organization's Headquarters and Regional Office. Her PhD, awarded by the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, examined malaria in Portugal during the first half of the twentieth century. She has been researching medical anthropology and the history of medicine for the last fifteen years.

The seminar takes place at 4.30 pm in the Treehouse, located on the first floor of the Berrick Saul Building.