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CGHH Director joins the 'Journal of the Social History of Medicine and Health' Editorial Board

Posted on 6 December 2016

Prof. Sanjoy Bhattacharya reports that he has accepted a position on the editorial board of the new 'Journal of the Social History of Medicine and Health.'

Prof. Bhattacharya (Professor of the History of Medicine and Director of the Centre for Global Health Histories) has joined the editorial board of this new open access journal, after receiving an invitation from Editor-in-Chief, Professor Yong-an Zhang (Executive Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Director of the David F. Musto Center for Drug Policy Studies at Shanghai University, China)

The Journal of the Social History of Medicine and Health was created in 2016 as an addition to the international, albeit predominantly Western-based, field of scholarly journals addressing topics of the history of medicine and health, as it is broadly conceived. The journal is an open access, peer reviewed journal open to articles addressing the history of diseases, medical knowledge, and of the social context of health including economic, political, military, religious, and cultural perspectives. It encourages the submissions of articles exploring the dissemination and reception of various concepts of health and disease in different civilizations as well as on the birth and evolution of various medical and health systems.

The invitation to join the editorial board was made in light of Prof. Bhattacharya’s excellent record in the field of the History of Medicine and Health. You can find more information about his ongoing research and other external activities here, and further information about the centre’s continuing research projects on our website. More information about this exciting new journal will be made available shortly.