Tropical Diseases Exhibition Launch Event - Report

Posted on 27 August 2014

The bilingual exhibition focuses on tropical diseases, their history, impact and efforts to control them and is available to view until 30th September.

The Centre for Global Health Histories exhibition ‘Picturing Tropical Diseases: Lessons from History’ was launched at the Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical (IHMT) in Lisbon, Portugal, in late July with an event comprising talks by members of the IHMT, University of York and University of Lisbon, followed by the official exhibition opening.

The panel, introduced by Zulmira Hartz and moderated by Philip Havik (IHMT-UNL), featured presentations about the history and challenges of tropical diseases (Jorge Seixas - IHMT-UNL), global health historians and global health policy (Sanjoy Bhattacharya -CGHH), picturing tropical diseases (Alexander Medcalf-CGHH), tropical diseases and diverse histories (Isabel Amaral CIUHCT-UNL), the activities of the IHMT museum (Jose Luis Doria - IHMT-UNL), and multilingualism, (Monica Saavedra - CGHH).


CGHH’s image-based exhibition, featuing powerful images from the collections of the World Health Organization, Wellcome Images, Public Health Image Library, and University of York has been supplemented at the IHMT by a fascinating array of artefacts and records from the IHMT’s collection.

The exhibition has proven popular, inspiring several blog posts about visualising diseases at Hyperalleric and Huffington Post Arts & Culture.

The exhibition is available to view at the institute until 30th September 2014. CGHH’s companion publication Tropical Diseases: Lessons from History is available to read online, with more details available on the publication's dedicated webpage.