WHO Global Health Seminars arrive in Copenhagen

Posted on 7 December 2012

January 2013 marks a major expansion of the WHO’s Global Health Histories initiative

The first Global Health Histories Seminar at the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen will be held on the 11th of January 2013. Dealing with the important theme of anti-microbial resistance, Dr Danilo Lo Fo Wong, Senior Adviser Antimicrobial Resistance WHO/Europe, and Professor Christoph Gradmann, of the University of Oslo, will feature as speakers. The event will be co-organised by the Centre for Global Health Histories at the University of York, UK, with generous support received from the Wellcome Trust, a major, Britain-based global charitable foundation. The presentations will be broadcast live from Copenhagen over the internet, and a recording of the event will be made freely available for training and educational purposes. More information about the seminars is available from: http://www.york.ac.uk/history/global-health-histories/events/antimicrobial-resistance-seminar/

This event represents a major expansion of the WHO’s Global Health Histories initiative, which will benefit greatly from the participation of Regional Office for Europe. Inaugurating the development of an important new collaboration between the organisers, these seminars in Copenhagen will be held on a regular basis in the coming years.