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Collaboration and Competition: Medical Practitioners in Colonial South India

Posted on 17 June 2019

CGHH PhD student Arnab Chakraborty’s research featured on The Polyphony

CGHH PhD student Arnab Chakraborty has written a piece, based on his Wellcome Trust-funded research, for The Polyphony. This is now freely accessible online.

In his post, ‘Collaboration and Competition: Medical Practitioners in Colonial South India’, Arnab highlights the benefits of examining histories of healthcare from health workers’ perspectives, drawing on examples from his research. Arnab also highlights instances of collaboration and competition between colonial and Indian medical services in British India. He shows that ‘perusing the history of the Madras presidency in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries makes it apparent that this was not a monolithic province and the healthcare and administrative changes call for a detailed study to map the transformation of medical services’.

The Polyphony is an online platform which “aims to stimulate, catalyse, provoke, expand and intensify conversations in the critical medical humanities”.

You can find out more about Arnab’s research via the CGHH PhD student profile pages.