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CGHH blogpost on Vaccination

Posted on 29 October 2020

A new briefing from the Global Health Histories project (GHH) looks at vaccination campaigns

In 2020, the hope of a vaccine to target COVID-19 has become a major global focus. Yet there remains a significant minority of people who are not sure if they would accept vaccination – and a number who would flat-out refuse it. A new briefing from the Global Health Histories (GHH) project brings together material from four GHH seminars on vaccination and vaccine hesitancy, looking at the growing number of people are not taking up vaccinations – and how this can be countered.


Vaccination opposition’, by Wellcome Trust-funded writer and communications specialist Radhika Holmström, looks at the history of vaccination hesitancy; at times and places where vaccination programmes have been carried out without consulting or understanding the people being vaccinated; at ways in which concerns about vaccination are exploited; and at the complex issue involved in tackling vaccine hesitancy and improving world health as a result. 

We thank the Wellcome Trust for their support in organising these seminars.