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New University of York publication "Expertise and Application: Biomedical and Health Research at York" released.

Posted on 8 September 2016

This new publication highlights the many different areas and disciplines within the University of York's research community, related to biomedical and health research.

The director of CGHH, Prof. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, has been highlighted as an important member of the Medical Humanities community: this is one of seven cross-cutting 'Research Themes' that build a culture of interdisciplinary thinking and novel collaboration. Sanjoy's work has been emphasised in this new publication for the practical benefits of taking a global approach to health, and applying it to local contexts.

Medical Humanities at York consists of a broad network of people who have opened dialogues between the humanities, and the medical and scientific communities, in order to connect with policy makers and medical professionals. This approach brings a wealth of insights into contemporary health problems.

Written by Professor Deborah Smith (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research), Professor Karen Bloor (Research Champion for Health and Wellbeing), Dr Rachel Curwen (Research Development Manager) and Dr James Walsh (Business Development Manager, Biomedicine), this document will be available online soon, or can be requested from the university.

You can find out more about Prof. Bhattacharya's research on our website.