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Reporting on the York Centre for the Americas "Situating the Americas after Global History" Study Day.

Posted on 7 June 2016

CGHH are delighted to share information about a recent study day hosted by our University of York colleagues at the York Centre for the Americas.

A constituent member of the Department of History at the University of York, the York Centre for the Americas (YCA) seeks to promote the understanding of the history of the American continent. Our colleagues' work focuses particularly on transnational, comparative and connective analysis of relations between regions within the continent, and between the Americas and the rest of the world, which is reflected in the recent study day "Situating the Americas after Global History."

The workshop focused on the recent boom in “global history,” the promotion of the “new history of capitalism” field, and efforts to re-think America-in-the-world scholarship within and beyond an imperial mode. All of these themes suggest a disciplinary shift toward encouraging broader spatial and theoretical frames of analysis than what domestic, transnational, or diplomatic history approaches have generally adopted. Although these are exciting developments, such expansion of attention also carries dangers of flattening or erasing dialectical attention to fully situated lives and local contexts.

The workshop gathered a small group of early-career scholars, who are pushing the spatial and/or theoretical boundaries of their own fields while striving to keep the local, the personal, and the historically specific in sight. Every one of those scholars who attended this study day are tackling, in the midst of, or are completing a research project that engages or disrupts the standard disciplinary, conceptual, temporal, and/or international boundaries of American (writ large) history or historiography.

A wide range of participants attended this day of workshops, from both the US and the UK, representing a diverse range of areas and subject matters. The YCA hope that this will be the beginning of many positive conversations in future workshops to be held at the University of York. CGHH wants to offer warmest congratulations for such a positive and engaging event. 

You can find more information about the centre's upcoming events through the history department, and information about current research projects and recent publications is available on the YCA website.