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Medicine & Visual Culture Research Masterclass

Wednesday 8 February 2017, 1.00PM

Speaker(s): Professor Ludmilla Jordanova (Durham University)

In this session we will explore the usefulness of "visual culture" in understanding medicine. "Visual culture" implies the full range of media, and could include x-rays, anatomical illustrations, laboratory notebooks, diagrams in textbooks, photographs of disability, depictions of patients, 'outsider' art and so on.  One of the goals of this session will be to explore how visual materials can be used rigorously. The session will begin with a short talk and include time for questions and discussion. Please email for further information and to secure your place. 

Visual Culture and Medicine Masterclass

This event is supported by C2D2 funding.

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Location: BS/007, Berrick Saul Building, University of York

Admission: Free to all. Registration Required