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GHH seminar 151: Antimicrobial Resistance – Global Policy, Clinical Practice and Public Responses

Monday 30 November 2020, 12.30PM

Speaker(s): Panellist: Dr Neil Todd: Clinical Director and Consultant Microbiologist, York Hospital Trust, UK Anita Chalmers: Lead antimicrobial pharmacist, York Hospital Trust, UK; Dr Shirani Chandrasiri, President, Sri Lanka College of Microbiologist, Chair: Suranga Dolamulla, Senior Research Fellow, University of York, UK and Specialist in Medical Administration, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a serious public health threat. Different national healthcare systems are, therefore, currently involved in efforts to tackle this problem through a variety of measures. These initiatives are influenced by countries’ income levels, the strength of their universal health coverage and the effectiveness of inter-sectoral collaborations. Also important to AMR control is the regulation of the distribution and consumption of antibiotics, as well as the creation of clinical and public health capacity to monitor bacterial sensitivity. Multiple administrative, political and social factors impact on these activities, which will be examined, using case studies from the UK and Sri Lanka.


Panellists: Dr Neil Todd:  Clinical Director & Consultant Microbiologist, York Hospital Trust, UK; Anita Chalmers: Lead Clinical Pharmacist, York Hospital Trust, UK; Dr Shirani Chandrasiri: Ex-President, Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists

Chair: Suranga Dolamulla: Senior Research Fellow University of York and Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Q&A Session: Professor Krisantha Weerasuriya: Former Regional Adviser, Essential Medicines, WHO, South-East Asia Regional Office

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