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GHH 149: Women in the History of Tropical Medicine

Tuesday 4 August 2020, 3.00PM

Speaker(s): Luiz Otávio Ferreira (Fiocruz), Polyana Valente (Fiocruz), Samantha Vanderslott (University of Oxford) Moderators: Joao Nunes (University of York) and Denise Pimenta (Fiocruz)

Historical accounts of tropical medicine tend to silence the experiences and expertise of women, particularly those working in non-Anglophone settings and hailing from non-hegemonic contexts. Seeking to address this gap, this seminar focuses on how women, often facing various obstacles of gender, race and class, innovated science and advanced healthcare. In addition, we aim to foster debate about women in science in the "global south" and silences of historical narratives. By focusing on the pivotal and path-breaking role of women, the seminar speaks to emerging discussions about the decolonization of the history of tropical medicine.  



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