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Global Health Histories Seminar 141: Global Health Futures

Friday 31 January 2020, 8.30PM

Speaker(s): Laura Mkumba (Duke University - Moderator), Eugene Richardson (Harvard Medical School - Speaker), Deborah Jenson (Duke University - Speaker), Sanjoy Bhattacharya (University of York - Speaker), Allysha Maragh-Bass (FHI 360 and UNC-GH - Speaker), Seye Abimbola (University of Sydney - Speaker)

Global health as we know it today- in our research, our practice, and our programming - is the newest configuration of what was once 'tropical health' and 'colonial medicine'. Yet in most major institutions and organisations today, global health is practised in a depoliticised and ahistorical manner. Oppressive roots of global health, such as colonialism, slavery, sexism, and classism are often hidden by a focus on interventions that alleviate human suffering. As a result, many global health practitioners and researchers, despite good intentions, perpetuate the very systems of oppression in which colonial medicine was embedded. This conference will challenge us to ask: How do we build a global health system that is decolonized?


You can follow the live stream here. 

Location: Love Auditorium@ Levine Science Research Center, Duke University. Also streamed live.