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Global Health Histories Seminar 139: Children and Research

Thursday 16 January 2020, 2.00PM

Speaker(s): Katharine Wright (Assitant Director, The Nuffield Council on Bioethics), Amanda Mason-Jones (Associate Professor of Global Public Health, Health Sciences, University of York)

Public health research involves clinical trials and these become a more sensitive issue when it involves children. This seminar will explore these nuances, vulnerability, and approaches in health research with children participants. Katharine Wright will examine how clinical research be conducted ethically with children. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics argues for a more nuanced approach to the concept of vulnerability, and for a participative approach to the planning and conduct of research. Amanda Mason-Jones will speak on the concepts of vulnerability and resilience in public health research including young people.

For those who cannot attend the seminar in person, you can watch it online as this will be live-streamed. 

Location: ENV/005 Lecture Room, University of York.

Admission: Free admission—all welcome