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Ebola and Ethics - The Unfinished Agenda - Global Health Ethics Seminar 2

Tuesday 8 December 2015, 11.30AM

Speaker(s): Dr Melba Gomes (Chair of the WHO Research Ethics Review Committee), Dr Annick Antierens (Manager, Investigational Platform for Experimental Ebola Products, MSF), Dr Philippe Calain (Chair of Ethics Panel established by WHO; Senior Researcher, MSF)

Join us for a panel discussion on the topic as we welcome three experts deeply involved in supporting the Ebola response and the research during and after the epidemic.

This seminar will be streamed live over the internet. The button below will take you straight to the live broadcast page.

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Global Health Ethics Seminar 2 (PDF , 446kb)

One year ago the world witnessed the worst Ebola outbreak in history. In response, a panel of 12 members was invited by the WHO Director General to advise on the ethical implications of the potential use of unregistered interventions during an epidemic. More than a year later, as the epidemic wanes, it is time to reflect on the effect of the panel’s advice on the various stakeholders involved in research during the outbreak response, the challenges they faced, and the implications of these recommendations for research conducted during future epidemics.

The webinar will be presented live online, and will provide opportunities to participants and viewers to interact with the speakers and ask questions or provide comments. If you wish to attend the web session, and wish to interact with the speakers, we encourage you to register so that you can be identified when you speak.

Location: World Health Organization (and broadcast live online)

Admission: Broadcast live over the internet, via webinar.