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Connections between race, racism and health inequities shaping Sickle Cell Disease in Brazil - Lunchtime Seminar

Tuesday 21 June 2016, 12.00PM to 13:00

Speaker(s): Prof. Clarice Mota (Instituto de Saúde Coletiva (ISC), Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil. Visiting Professor, Department of Health Sciences, University of York).

Sickle Cell disease is a severe genetic condition and a cause of high mortality rates all over the world. This presentation aims at discussing aspects of Sickle Cell disease in Brazil, considering social inequalities, racism and health inequities as important determinants of health outcomes. If it is true that social disparities will have a negative impact on health conditions of people with Sickle Cell Disease, it is also true that racism is a driving force in mobilizing social movements. As a result of the political activism of those with Sickle Cell disease, Brazil experiences advances and setbacks in the struggle for healthcare.

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Location: BS008, Berrick Saul Building, University of York

Admission: All welcome, no booking necessary. Refreshments will not be provided, so please bring lunch with you.