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About the York Centre for the Americas

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The York Centre for the Americas (YCA) seeks to promote the study and understanding of the history of the Western Hemisphere. Bringing together wide-ranging expertise in the history of the Americas, we particularly seek to promote comparative, connective and transnational approaches to the region.

Our core staff work on international political affairs, transnational movements and ideas, colonialism, war and imperialism, and themes of slavery, emancipation, race and gender. Our research aims to bring the various parts of the American continent together, and to highlight the linkages between the Americas and the rest of the world.

The YCA offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate teaching options delivered via the Department of History, publishes on the history of the Western Hemisphere both in academic and popular forums, and promotes research activities, exchanges and other forms of advanced research into the history of the continent. Staff are available for public events focusing on raising public awareness of the transnational history of the Americas.

For information about staff affiliated with the YCA, please see our Research page.