Transition in the Medieval World


For a list of speakers from ‘Transition in the Medieval World’ held on 12-13 May, 2012 Click here

‘Transition Revisited’ is a one-day conference intended to further some of the ideas, questions, and conversations raised by ‘Transition in the Medieval World. Drawing delegates and papers from across the United Kingdom and Ireland, this event provides an avenue for postgraduates and early career researchers to engage with established scholars in order to better foster communication in an endeavor to strengthen and further the study of the medieval worldwide.

Speakers include:

Elizabeth Alexander - University of York
The Problem of the Picts: Issues surrounding the identification of Jonah and the Ketos in Early Medieval Scotland
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Alice Blackwell - National Museums Scotland
Brooches in transition
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Martin Goldberg - National Museums Scotland
Pictish adventus: Early Medieval sculpture as transitional monuments
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Guy Halsall - University of York
Every thought is a throw of the dice: Transition and irony, change and chance
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Robert Halstead - University of Leeds
The Leeds Cross in Context
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James Hillson - University of York
The Changing Image of Plantagenet Kingship: Hagiography and Political Iconography in the East End of St Stephen’s Chapel
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James Jago - University of York
"This House must Appeare to be His Peculiar": Mediaeval Architecture and Protestant Identity in Early Modern England
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Axel Kelly - Trinity College Dublin
The Idea of Martyrdom in Pre-Crusade and First Crusade Sources
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Harry Stirrup - University of York
'Samuel and Saul: A Change of Clothes on the Morgan Leaf'
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Heidi Stoner - University of York
The Architecture of the Life of a Saint
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Victoria Symons - University College London
Transitional meanings and the place of the word on the Franks Casket
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