Dr Emanuele Lugli



BA (Bologna), MA (London), PhD (New York)

Emanuele Lugli teaches and writes about art, architecture and visual culture in late medieval and early modern Europe, with a particular emphasis on science, trade, technology, and trans-regional intellectual connections. His theoretical concerns include questions of scale and labour, the history of measurements, conceptualizations of precision, vagueness, darkness, and the reach of cultural networks.

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Graduate Chair

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Emanuele is currently working on two books: a history of how the shared geometry of early modern clothing and geo-politics constructed a measured sense of space and a material history of hair in late medieval/Renaissance Florence.

Other projects underway deal with Giotto's interests in astrology and medicine, the measuring of architecture from the Trecento to the Renaissance, Christian Dior's conservative skirts, and the nexus of art, connoisseurship and medical practices in early modern Europe.



Research group(s)


Selected publications


Edited Volumes

  • To Scale, Art History 38: 2, April 2015. With Joan J. Kee

Recent Articles

  • ‘Leonardo’s Hair,’ in: Alessandro Nova, Francesca Borgo, and Rodolfo Maffeis eds, Leonardo e gli altri (Venice: Marsilio 2018). Forthcoming.
  • ‘Metamorphic Heads: A Footnote on Botticelli’s and Pollaiuolo’s Mercanzia Virtues,’ Source: Notes in the History of Art. Forthcoming.
  • ‘Giovanni Bellini’s Thread of Life: On the Burrell and Poznan Madonnas,' in: Peter Humfrey and others eds, Giovanni Bellini “… il migliore nella pittura” (Venice: Fondazione Giorgio Cini, 2017). Forthcoming.
  • ‘Linking the Mediterranean: The Construction of Trading Networks between the fourteenth and the fifteenth centuries,’ in: Daniel Savoy ed., The Globalisation of Renaissance Art: A Critical Review (Leiden, Brill: 2017). Forthcoming.
  • 'The Collapse of Representational Planes: Giovanni Bellini’s Pala San Giobbe,’ in: Andreas Beyer, Philippe Morel, and Alessandro Nova eds, Voir l’Au-delà: L’expérience visionnaire et sa représentation dans l’art italien de la Renaissance (Paris, Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art: 2017), 255-78.
  • ‘Watery Manes: Reversing the Stream of Thought about Quattrocento Italian Heads,’ Internet Archaeology 42 (2016), online: http://dx.doi.org/10.11141/ia.42.6.11
  • ‘Cesare Beccaria e la riduzione delle misure lineari a Milano (1771-1789)’, Nuova Informazione Bibliografica 12:3, 2015, 579-601.
  • ‘Tear That Dress Off: Cinderella (1950) and Disney’s Critique of Post-War Fashion,’ Bright Lights Film Journal, 11 August 2015, online: https://goo.gl/UueKD9
  • ’Measuring the Bones: On Francesco di Giorgio Martini’s Saluzzianus Skeleton,’ Art History 38:2, 2015, 346-363.
  • ’The Collapse of Representational Planes: Giovanni Bellini’s Pala San Giobbe,’ in A. Nova and P. Morel (eds), Voir l’au-delà: Apparition miraculeuse, vision céleste et contemplation intérieure dans l’art italien de la Renaissance, Paris and Berlin, 2015. In press.
  • ‘Cesare Beccaria e la riduzione delle misure a Milano, 1771-1789,’ Nuova Informazione Bibliografica, Summer 2015. In press. 
  • ‘Measuring the Bones: On Francesco di Giorgio Martini’s Saluzzianus Skeleton,’ Art History, 38:2, April 2015, pp. 347-363.
  • ’Size to Scale: An Introduction,’ Art History 38:2, April 2015, pp. 251-266. With Dr Joan J. Kee (University of Michigan).
  • ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: The Pietre di Paragone and the Preeminence of Medieval Measurements in Communal Italy,’ Gesta Vol. 49, no. 2, 2010, 77-95. Honourable mention in the 2011 'I Tatti Prize for Best Essay by a Junior Scholar'
  • ‘Between Form and Representation: The Frick Saint Francis,’ Art History Vol. 32, no. 1, February 2009, pp. 21-51.
You can find some of Emanuele’s articles on https://york.academia.edu/EmanueleLugli

External activities

Invited talks and conferences


  • Leonardo da Vinci e la Firenze degli esordi. Department of Language and Linguistic Studies, University of York, Oct 2017
  • “The Life-Size as a Legal Concept,” Casting the Real: Reproduction, Translatio and Interpretation in the Age of Petrarch. University of York, May 2017
  • ‘The Book of Ribbons: The Medici Family’s Plan for Global Standardization,’ Making Worlds: Art, Materiality and Early Modern Globalization, UCLA, Apr 2017
  • “Body Tailors: Clothing and the Politics of Sameness, 1350-1450.” The Body Remade: Art, Nature, and Gender in the Mediterranean World, 1300-1650, Villa I Tatti, Harvard University, Mar 2017
  • Il metro. Una rivoluzione (quasi) invisibile, Impact Hub Firenze, Feb 2017
  • The Fabrication of Borders: Tailoring, Triangulation, Territoriality in Italy and Beyond, Villa I Tatti, Harvard University, Florence, Oct 2016
  • La Pala di San Giobbe: illusioni, doppi e itinerari mentali
  • Scuola Grande di San Marco, Venice. Jun 9, 2016
  •  ‘The Science of Measuring and the Religious Orders,’ Travelling Wisdom: Science in the Religious Orders. Odense, University of Southern Denmark. June 2016.
  • ‘Connoisseurship, Identity, and Hair, Measure of Figurability,’ Authority, Attribution and the Politics of Conniosseurships (c.1850 - 1920), University of Durham. May 2016       
  • Vanity Sizing: Measurements, Fashion and Chronicle Writing in 1340s, Italy, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Universität zu Köln. May 12, 2016   
  •  ‘Vasari’s Modo dello Operare: For an Epistemology of the Proemio to the Vite (1550),’ Vasari on Technique: Matter and Making. RSA, Boston. Apr 2016
  •  Pisa, the City Machine: Cultural Piracy and the Making of the Medieval Mediterranean. Department of Italian Studies, New York University. Mar 7, 2016
  •  L’invenzione delle misure: commercio e architettura nell’Italia comunale, Dipartimento di Storie, Cultura e Civiltà, Università di Bologna. Dec 10, 2015                       
  •  The New Look of 1340s: Fashion, Measurements and Other Disasters, University of Edinburgh. Oct, 15 2015 
  •  ‘On Darkness. The Damned in Torcello’s 11th-century Cathedral,’ Pointing at Shadows: The Procedures and Complexion of Allegory in Medieval Art and Literature, Ohio State University, Columbus. Mar 2015


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