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Cadence Kinsey is Lecturer in Recent and Contemporary Art. Her research centres on the histories of art and technology, as well as live art and performance from the 1960s to today. Prior to joining York, Cadence taught undergraduate and postgraduate modules at UCL, the Courtauld Institute of Art, Slade School of Fine Art and Imperial College London. Between 2013 and 2016, Cadence was a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Art at UCL, where she completed a book project about ‘art after the Internet’. She has published in leading interdisciplinary journals, such as Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, as well as platforms such as BBC Culture, MetaMute and DISMagazine. She also works closely with a number of artists and organisations, such as Arcadia Missa Gallery in London, where she co-curated the exhibition Maja Cule: Facing the Same Direction in 2014.



  • Contemporary art
  • Histories of art and technology
  • Live art and Performance
  • Feminist Science and Technology Studies


Cadence’s research focuses on the relationships between art, technology and the subject. In 2012 she was awarded a PhD in History of Art for a thesis which focused on the self-image in the work of Carolee Schneemann, Kate Craig, Lynda Benglis, Mona Hatoum and Nell Tenhaaf. Between 2013 and 2016, Cadence held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at University College London, where she completed a book project about ‘art after the Internet’. This will be the first major scholarly study into the broad – and now much contested – field of ‘post internet art’, offering a historical and critical account of the multiple and varied engagements between art and the Internet since 2008. In her research, Cadence has addressed urgent questions around the environmental impact of new technology, digital materiality, digital labour and inequality, the production of subjectivity online and the destabilization of a historic ‘real’/’virtual’ binary. Her work offers an analysis of new technologies, such as Cloud computing and social media, and engages critically with the new discursive frameworks that have developed in recent years, such as the so-called ‘newmaterialisms’. Currently, she is developing her next research projects, which will focus on questions of class and gender in austerity Britain.

Research group(s)

  • Centre for Modern Studies
  • Modern and Contemporary Cluster



2014 ‘Matrices of Embodiment: Re-Thinking Binary and the Politics of Digital Representation’, in Signs: Journal of Womenin Culture and Society, Vol.39 (pp.897-925)

2010/2011 ‘Petting and Persons: Re-framing Breaks and Contacts in Carolee Schneemann’s Fuses’, Object, No. 13 (pp.32-53)

2007 ‘Art, Science and the Technologies of Control’, The Triple Helix, Vol. 1, No. 1 (pp. 8-9)


Chapters in books

2016 ‘How Close do You Want Me to Be: Kate Craig’s Delicate Issue’ in Rawes, P., Loo, S. & Matthews, T. (eds.) Poetic Biopolitics. London: I.B. Taurus (pp. 46-62)

2014 ‘Post-media/Post- medium: The Impact of Technology on the Ontology of Painting’ in Apprich, C., et al (eds.) Provocative Alloys: A Post Media Anthology. London & Lüneburg: Leuphana Universität Lüneburg & Mute (pp. 68-83)

2014 ‘Taste-y: An Essay & Interview in Two Parts (w/AmaliaUlman)’ in Farkas, R. & Clark, T. (eds.) Networked, Every Whisper is a Crash Upon My Ears. London: Arcadia_Missa Publications (pp. 56-73)

2013 ‘Frames and Liquids: Rebottling the (Infinity) Net’, in Farkas, R. & Clark, T. (eds.) Open_Office Anthology. London:Arcadia_Missa Publications (pp. 198-209)


Published interviews/roundtables

2015 ‘Being Visible’ in Burbridge, B. (ed) Photoworks Annual:Photography, Art, Visual Culture, Issue 22 ‘Women’. London:Photoworks (pp. 82-95)

2012 ‘Becoming Camwhore, Becoming Pizza: Interview withArcadia_Missa, Ann Hirsch and Jennifer Chan’, MetaMute.


Catalogue Entries and Essays

2011 ‘Toward Embodiment’ in The Body in Women’s Art Now, Part 3: ReCreation exh. cat. London: Rollo Gallery Publications(pp. 19-30)

2011 ‘Body Architectures, Cellular Identities and Online Representation in the Work of Helen Carmel Benigson’ in Helen Carmel Benigson exh. cat. London: Rollo Gallery Publications(pp. 18-31)



2016 ‘The Instagram Artist Who Fooled Thousands’, BBC Culture

2015 ‘Gyre’, New Feminisms, Artyčok

2014 ‘Maja Cule: Facing the Same Direction’, DisMagazine



Issues in Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art and Digital Culture



External activity



Co-Curator with Rozsa Zita Farkas and Tom Clark, Maja Cule: Facing the Same Direction, Arcadia Missa, London 2014


Conferences and Panels Organised


2016 ‘Playing Games: Power and Pleasure in Art After the Internet’, University College London


2015 ‘Semi-Automatic Images’, CAA Annual Conference, New York


2011 ‘The Grandaughters’ Generation: Feminism and Art History Now’, University College London (organising committee)


Invited Lectures and Conversations


2016 ‘Artist’s Visibility’, ICA (London) 


2015 ‘Walled Gardens: Art After the Internet’, The Internetional, Showroom, MAMA (Rotterdam)


2015 ‘Casual Collision’, Second Home (London)


2015 ‘Impact of the Web on the display of art’, Audiences & Cultural Experience in the Digital Age, UCL Digital Humanities


2015 ‘Walled Gardens: Art After the Internet’, Research in Progress Seminar, UCL History of Art


2014 ‘Maja Cule: Facing the Same Direction’, Arcadia_Missa (London)


2014 ‘Response to Constructed Situations by Frances Stracey’, Marxism in Culture Lecture Series, UCL


2014 ‘Artist’s use of Social Media’, They Are Here: Artists Using Online Social Networks as their Medium, MAC (Birmingham)


2013 ‘Conversation with Amalia Ulman’, Limehouse Town Hall


2012 ‘Frames & Liquids’, State And Lore Symposium, South London Gallery


2012 ‘Art After (Art After) the Internet’, Hackney Bureau (London)


2012 ‘Wet/Dry’, UCA Farnham


2012 ‘Tunnel Vision’, Stour Space (London)


Panels and Conferences


2015 ‘Blind Windows: Between Order and Opacity in Camille Henrot’s Grosse Fatigue’, Total Archive, CRASSH, University of Cambridge


2014 ‘Discipline, Determinism and the Digital’, AAH Annual Conference, Royal College of Art


2013 ‘Semi-Automatic Images’, Digital / Moving Image and Networked Performance: on Cultural Transformations, Warwick University


2013 ‘Stocks and Shares: Digital Materialities and Picturing Objects’, Object Lessons, UCL & Cinema as Object Symposium, Slade School of Fine Art


2012 ‘Response to Kira O’Reilly’, Probing the Interior 1800-2012 Symposium, Kings College


2012 ‘1968/2004: From the Portapak to Web 2.0’, CAA Annual Conference, LA


2011 ‘Corps Étranger: The Body in Pieces’, Feminism and Art History Now, UCL


2010 ‘Pathologising the Body: Mona Hatoum’s Corps Étranger’, Living Matter: Art & Research & Science Studies, KHM Cologne


2009 ‘Petting and Personhood: The (Non)Human Animal’, AAH Summer Symposium, Bristol University & AAH Annual Conference, Manchester University


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